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Can't even download from Chrome/Explorer or the client...

Please download manually (NOT with the client) from
This should work fine with all major browsers, including Chrome.

nvm i found the solution

My game says failed to load image and I downloaded the files again and got the same problem.

This seems to be a bug which seems to occur especially on MacOS. Hope that it will be fixed with the next release.


i cant even download the game.

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Are you using a download managers or some other special software for downloading? In that case I recommend to try it with a normal browser or to use another browser if you're already using a browser. Otherwise please let me know what exactly you try and what happens (any error messages or something?) so I can try to help you!

It's stuck at the download should start momentarily. In the client it just cancels automatically.

Oh, I didn't try it with the client but I can image why it fails. I recommend to download the game manually with your browser. That should work.


Oh my, old CS2D is updated, WOW !

I can't open the game.

What exactly happens when you try to open it? Maybe this can help you:

It says: Failed to load image


Please make sure that this file is in place (relative to the executable).

Re-install CS2D if you are unable to fix this problem manually.

And I'm using a mac

That's weird. I already got a report from someone else with the same problem but I don't understand it because the file is in the archive for the mac download. To fix it you can try to download the windows zip archive and extract it into your CS2D folder on your mac. This should add all required files.

If found a possible fix for this. Hope to fix it with the next update.

it still doesnt work


Can you give me the link to download the game?

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Just click the download link specified on the itch page, or here:

If you need the windows setup you can get it here directly:
Hope that helps. Otherwise please let me know what you need.

Tanks dude,I mean really tank you.


Glad to hear that you found it. Let me know if you have any other problems.

no its cool now i really enjoy your game and give me a link to vote on your game on steam i like your game thank you

Thank you very much! That's cool :)

You can click the Greenlight image above or here if you want to vote! Thanks again!

this game so cool but i cant download it why? tell me